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I would like to know whether I am allowed to  seek  french speaking partner to practise speaking french via skype  on this forum.  If the  answer is yes I will put the details when I get the reply to this question.

    If the answer is "no" then too bad. I wouldn't speak french well, only read and write well.


[ Note from the forum editor: as far as the forum rules are concerned, you are very welcome to exchange details here in order to contact one another in the way you suggest. However, you take full responsibility for the consequences of publishing your personal details in a public forum. ]

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je m'appelle siham, j'ai 29ans ,je suis en 2éme année études française, mon skype: hiba yassir. je veux discuter en français pour améliorer mon niveau de français. je suis intéresser par les filles de mon age merci.

I'm French and i would like some conversations in Skype with an english native speaker for improve my english.


If you are interested ;   florent.delmas  (my skype login)

I am interested providing you could return the favour and listen to my french pronunciation

Skype: bernadettemether

sarita,indienne,28 ans.etude french b1 , tres curieuse a parler si vous etes intresser. e-mel (  skype id ( rkumar). repondez vite. salute.

je suis siham, marocaine, 29 ans mon skype: hiba yassir.merci.

Hi, if anyone's interested in discussing French or asking for advice on Skype, you can reach me at the following e-mail.


charlie [at-sign]

quelle est votre skype id, je veux discuter avec vous en francaise, enyoyer le heure quand vous etes libre. je attend votre reponse.
mon e-mel add. est
hi charlie ,this is sarita sharma, 28, learning french( independent level),indienne.physiotherapist, if u are also intrested then we can share via skype and my id is (r kumar)

si vous voulez parler en français,je suis très intéresser, je suis marocaine.




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