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Which is the most usual, most often used of these two expressions for "I need"?

"Il me faut.."  




"'J'ai besoin de..."

In other words may I, more often than not, limit myself to one. If so, which one?  I am pretty sure that thechinically, there are ample reasons for making a distinction.


But, if one were to acknowledge, in anticipation, that such liguistic distinctions exist and are even essential for  'proper' use in French, yet, could I, in general, opt for one, and not be crucified for using it even if not the most appropriate for the occasion?

In which event, which one could I opt for?


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I'm for J'ai besoin de. I'm pretty sure crucifixion would not be your fate in either case.
J'ai besoin de = I need; il me faut = I absolutely need
Superb common sense, if I may say so. THANKS. That makes it very plain - and easy to remember! Thnks Roland!
Yes, or come to think of it, "I must have" would also be a legitimate translation of il me faut.
Yes, and it is better because you can also say: Il me le faut absolument, or J'en ai absolument besoin.
Thnks Roland! I suppose the 'necessary' of 'faut' places the 'need' suggested at a more objective level than the 'need' suggested by 'besoin'. Does this make sense?
Thnks Stu. See reply to Roland.


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