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Can some one please help with Aussi, Autant, Autant de..

could some one please tell me the words missing in these sentences

sorry i am a beginner..

Thank you.. Dave.

Ils mangent ? bien que leurs parents.
Elle cuuisine ? mal que sa mère.
Aujourd’hui il fait ? beau qu’hier.
Souvent, au bar, l'eau coûte ? cher que le vin.

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the missing word is "aussi" in all these sentences.


Thank you so much for your help.. could you tell me what the meaning

of the three word are,  i'm a bit confused.. if you have time many thanks..

Aussi means ?

Autant means ?

Autant de means ?

"aussi" basically means "so...", "as...", "just as..." and goes before an adjective/adverb.

"autant" basically means "the same quantity/number/extent". It generally stands 'on its own' rather than going before an adjective/adverb.

Then, by extension "autant de..." basically means "such/the same quantity/number of...", "just as much/many...", "so much/many..." and therefore introduces a noun. So for example:

Il mange autant que moi. = He eats (just) as much as I do.

Il mange autant de viande que moi. = He eats (just) as much meat as I do.

Thank you Niel,  that's great, just what i wanted..

regards Dave..


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