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I cannot go to Paris, but I can go to Montreal and Quebec City. Is it possible to learn a proper French in Quebec? Avoiding the accent, but taking the opportunity to speak the language as much as possible? I spent 5 days in Montreal recently, speaking only French to the French-Canadians, and I feel my French did improve in ease and fluency. And they understood me. What do you think?

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It feels like "contingency" should exist.In fact I think I like it better than "contingent" .It sounds vaguer  and in my mind  it  also sounds a bit like "constituency".

It does seem to be in use  for that sort of a meaning.

Is your native language English?  If so, I find your observations a bit odd.  "Contingency" doesn't meran "contingent" or "constituency".  Muddling up similar sounding words is not a good basis for language learning, whether Englsih or French.

Now you mention it, I've done a Google search and it does indeed appear that they're effectively interchangeable with this meaning. So I partially take back my amendment: please read either "contingent" or "contingency" as you prefer!

Yes I speak english as my first language.I am not advocating using "wrong" words in an exam or a formal setting but in conversation I think you can be much looser with words- even inventing them in the right circumstances.

As I said , some people do seem to (incorrectly?) use the word "contingency"  as an alternative to "contingent"  and , as used, the meaning is very close to "contingent".

Of course "constituency" has  a different meaning but has a similar sound  (which affected how the meaning took shape in my mind for a word that up to that point I had probably  never heard or read)


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