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C'est tres difficile pour moi compendre francais quand je regardes un film ou ecoutes un video sur internet.     J'avoues que mon vocabulaire manque mais je peux lire plus facilement.   Quand j'ecoutes il me semble que tous les mots sont perdus dans un grand mot sans separation.    Comment pourrais-je ameliorer ma comprehension?

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I had the same problem but in english (i'm french), and i progressed when i listened radio for hours and hours even if i didn't understand. At the beginning i understood nothing, but my ears have get to used to hear sounds. and then i looked a lot of movies with subtitles, now it's better and better.

d aprés ton écriture t a un bon francais donc il suffit seulement de te concentré pour comprendre la vidéo ou un film ou n importe quoi

Alors 'eclipse' j'ai le même problem, plus ou moins.  I am still listening to radio france it is getting less difficult to understand but still not sufficient to understand completely.  I believe this will work eventually that is if I persist long enough. Aren't you going to say 'good luck' to me?

    Base on my experience of learning a chinese dialect by listening to the neighbours talking all the time that was at the age of about 5 to 11 ,so that was - 6 long years of listening; because I was always playing with the neighbours' children all day long. I do understand that dialect without difficulty even now so long after that listening experience.

From my experience, when I was learning english (and I still do), I started by watching a lot of things in english with french subtitles. I am a huge fan of tv show, so watching them with subtitles in my language helped me. Then, I forced myself to see episodes with english subtitles, which is very useful (but quite hard at the beginning); and now, I don't even need subtitles anymore (well, except for some tv shows where they have an horrible accent..).

Don't set your sights too high, like listening to french radio (which can quickly become very boring) or something like that, do it gradually, at your own pace ;)

 Je crois que les sous-titres francais sont le mieux chemin pour moi.   J'en suivrai.   Merci.

there's "news in slow French" podcasts.  this helps and they even stop at points to explain things.   


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