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Help with a French translation

I have a question in french that asks me to compare two films (Cyrano de Bergerac in french and Roxanne which is in engligh)Comment peut-on…

Started by Fred Rogers

1 Jun 3, 2012
Reply by George Hunt

How to say these in french

I checked my mini dictionary but I don't quite understand how to translate these words so that I can use them in my essays : 1. Nothing 2.…

Started by Meshaun de Silva

2 May 16, 2012
Reply by Meshaun de Silva


The online dictionary completely ignores the meaning of "jammy" as "tasting of jam" (a frequent use in wine-tasting).  Waht would you sugge…

Started by Jean Dervin

3 May 16, 2012
Reply by stu harris

Voudrais vs. vouloir

Hi! This is my first post, and it might be a bit beginner-ish, but anyways: what is the difference between "je voudrais" and "je veux"? A…

Started by Gustaf Drevin

23 May 14, 2012
Reply by Eva-Britt Sullivan

What does de com le foula

What does "de com le foula" mean? A girl told me that and I have no clue what it means.

Started by Emil Vasland

1 Apr 29, 2012
Reply by George Hunt

french equivalent of ''to be stuck''?

This is an almost completely British English saying I believe. The context would not literally be ''to  be attached to something and unable…

Started by Amy Wallington

8 Apr 23, 2012
Reply by alan gould

To say "don't judge a book by its cover"

Hi! You have helped me a lot here before, so I will post another question. It's a question on idioms, and I would love to know how to say "…

Started by Gustaf Drevin

2 Apr 11, 2012
Reply by Erwan

the crêpe salée

How do you call  CRÊPE SALÉE in English meaning the opposite of Sweet crepe. Thanks

Started by Chanh Van Nguyen

7 Apr 8, 2012
Reply by alan gould


How is the word spelled in French, that is the word exclaimed a the beginning of a fencing dual.... that "sounds like"  too-shay?

Started by Babette

1 Mar 27, 2012
Reply by stu harris


mobile phone text abbreviations

I have none to offer myself but can anyone  give me examples of the French equivalents of or alternatives to  lol ,wrt , rofl ,ott etc. etc…

Started by George Hunt

0 Mar 26, 2012


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