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Hello! What does "Vous êtes famille?" mean? I am not sure I wrote it right. I hope my question does not sound silly:) I actually need a French frase that means "Are you relatives?" 

Thank you in advance, Eva

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I think that "Are you relatives ?" means in English "is it your father (or your mother or your brother ....) ?" without hidden meaning.

In French we say "êtes vous parents ?"  ("Vous êtes parents ?" is possible with the appropriate tone )

or with a slight nuance we can say "êtes vous de la même famille ?"

But "êtes vous famille ?"  or "Vous êtes famille ?" has a different meaning. It means "Are you this kind of person who likes to be with his family ?"

Thank you so much for your explanation!

Thank you so much for your explanation! And how would do you say in French "Do you know this man?/ Are you acquainted with him?"

for this kind of question we have two ways :

the more formal is "Connaissez vous cet homme ?"

but in every day language we say "Est ce que vous connaissez cet homme ?"


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