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I am trying to translate "Awards" in french. The dictionary gives several words which are mostly verbs. But I want a noun for "Awards". This is for the title of a web page for a restaurant website. Could someone please help?



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Hi Fouzia,

There are two usual words: prix, which means both price(s) and prize(s), and récompenses, which is a slightly more formal word, but is less ambiguous (it covers the meanings of English award/reward).

In the case of a restaurant site, if you put prix, it could be interepreted as meaning "prices". So use récompenses (if you search Google for "restaurant récompenses", you'll see it's the option that various French restaurants have also gone for in order to list their Michelin prizes etc).

By the way, I'll be clarifying the English-French entry for award shortly.

Hi Niel,

Thanks a lot. You cleared my doubt. That was so helpful.



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