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what is the meaning of: - "sont aujourd'hui achevés"

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The word achevé, from the verb achever, means "completed", "finished (off)". So you could translate your phrase with something like "have today been completed", "are complete as of today" etc.

Occasionally, achevé is also used a bit like the English words "finished", "accomplished", i.e. it describes more the quality of something or somebody.
And achever also have another meaning, i.e. to end the suffering of a person or animal. Is "to give the last stroke" the english equivalent, or do you have a better word for that ?

Well actually, "finish off" can sometimes have that meaning in English, usually when referring to a person on a battle field, or e.g. if the cause is an illness. For the example of an injured animal, you can talk about "putting an animal out of its misery".


In a fight, you might talk about "dealing the final blow" ("coup" in a fight is usually "blow").


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