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I am very out of practice. Yet my employer wants me to find the french term used for mints that restaurants offer when leaving/finished with meal. And/or for the mints/chocolates that Hotels put on your pillows.

He is pronouncing it la pennier. Which is likely way-off. Could be l'apres ____. I'm at a loss. But the search has brought me to this WONDERFUL resource - your forum. I'm inspired to re-new my French skills.

Any ideas about this term or phrase?

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Hello Christine,

I don't think there is a specific word for Pillow Mints. The closest one would be "bonbons à la menthe".
Perhaps something along the lines of "as one departs", "after meal" to retire"
It is the same phrase for both, the mint upon leaving a restaurant, and the mint on the pillow.
So, as one rest, going to rest, at the finish, in closing,

ah, I feel like I'm dancing around it.
I know what you mean, but off the top of my head, I can't find any equivalent in French. Maybe "cadeau bonus", but it's a bit offbeat and while a client could say that, this is not very formal. I just asked my girlfriend who's also utterly clueless about this one. But I'll keep asking around.
Merci!! I'll be kicking this around for awhile!


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