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Dear all,

You may be familiar with the French phrases section of the web site (if you haven't, check it out!).

Now, it's a little while since this section has been updated. So I'm looking for suggestions for new topics/suptopics to add to what's already there. If anybody has any suggestions, feel free to leave them here!


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Hello Neil,

maybe it would be nice to have some idiomatic expressions too, I have put some lists on this forum:

although it 's for English learners it can work both ways without too much change.

I made the lists and I know how time-consuming it can be...

so if you're interested feel free to take a leaf out of it can go in the section "aides et ressources pédagogiques" and then "vocabulary". You can use the files as you please. (you need to be registered to have access to the files))

For anyone interested I have some interlex files too. Interlex is an easy and free software to learn and test your vocabulary. 


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