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Well, it's getting to that time of year again. As you're making last minute CD purchases on Amazon, trying to determine whether Auntie Carole prefers green or red socks through the use of subtle hints and scouring the Internet to see how many days in advance you need to put your sprouts on, spare a moment for your French vocab.

In the French phrases section of the web site, you will find a section devoted to Christmas vocab in French. But perhaps you have some suggestions for other words and phrases you would like to see added? Suggestions are encouraged in the "Comments" section at the bottom of the vocab page!

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Hello, i am french and i need to practice English (for my work),  i listen to movies, and i find this forum ...

so i tried to comment (in English) your French phrases section about Christmas vocab. Thank you.

Thanks Chantal -- I've updated the page with your suggestions. If anything else occurs to you, please feel free to mention!

I wasn't aware actually that saying "la Noël" for "la fête de Noël" was a regionalism -- I'll be interested to hear if anybody else from France/a French-speaking country can also share their opinion on this.

Thank you.

Maybe it was a regionalism in the past, but as a lot of people in France had to leave their country to go to Paris to find a job, and their native expressions remain in their family. I don't know. But some say "passer la Noël" and others say "passer Noël". There is no rule.

This expression with the word "la" is more used for "passer la Toussaint" (it's the all saint's day, november the 1rst) and never used for Easter.

The bûche de Noel can also be a choc cake, n'est-ce pas?

Confession: I was only really thinking of "yule log" in the sense of the chocolate type. Though for those who literally stick an extra block on their wood burning stove rather than turning up the radiator, I think it would still cover that meaning.


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