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This chicken /pig dish was on the menu;


Poulet rôti au thym, pièce de rumsteck, travers de porc, saucisse de Toulouse à l'ancienne aux fines herbes, purée "Maison" au beurre



In plain english, what would you call this dish,  in fewest words possible?

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it could be :

roasted chicken with thyme, piece of rump steack, spareribs, Toulouse's sausage with herbs, "homemade" purée with butter (perhaps butter-purée).


You can find gastronomic translations here :

It will probably help you for your next menus.


Bon appétit :-)



Teensy-weensy correx:

roast chicken, not roasted.

steak, not steack.

Toulouse sausage, without the possessive.


The purée maison is probably mashed potato, isn't it?



Thanks for the correx.

You're right. The purée maison is mashed patato. These from Clement is really good. Try it, if you can.

La Coupole, the restaurant next door, could offer:



Sweetbreads with truffle juice and macaroni gratin



a) Is this truffle juice the real thing?


b) I have lost my original menu -- could you please help me in what this would be in French?


Purée maison is indeed mashed potato - made in the kitchen of the restaurant / "maison" ..

I think it's Ris de veau au jus de truffe avec son gratin de macaroni


The truffle juice is the juice released when the truffle is prepared for preservation.



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