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I have been asked how a colleague in France can send some rather large parcels to an exhibition I am organising in Brussels. I want to tell him that it is OK to send them by courier, I will pay.

In this context will the French word "coursier" work? I have a feeling there might be something better. Thank you.

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Hello Gary ; I am not sure I've correctly understood what you need, so here is my opinion. (I am not totally fluent in english)

I think you might be right, "coursier" is the name given to a private company you would call to bring a letter or some other stuff from hand to hand, rather quickly.

If you simply say "Envoie les par courrier' ! (with 2 "r"),  it would mean he can send them to you using the national service, which is not from hand to hand and could take a lot of time. Moreover, in this case you would say "par colis", because they are parcels and not letters.

Thank you Lionel, I hedged my bets and wrote both! He understood.

"....ils sont tellement importants pour le succès du projet qu'il faut les envoyer bien en avance soit par coursier soit par colis ".


Again, thanks.


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