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Hello guys

I hope this is an appropriate use of this forum. I guess it just about fits into "French Culture"?

I am really looking forward to practising my French properly this summer and was wondering if anyone would be able to recommend any destinations not too far from the Channel Tunnel somewhere near the France/Belgium border. The ideal place would be a cottage out in the countryside to use as a base but well placed to visit towns, cities, attractions, etc on both sides of the border. My group will be a mix of adults, young children and seniors.

Also, we enjoy visiting beaches. Are there any nice beaches on the coastal stretch between Calais and Oostende?

Any recommendations/advice would be most welcome!

Merci d'avance


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There is a center park near the Belgium border.

Edit : Domain, Le Lac d'Ailette.

Merci Florian - bonne idée.


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