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Can I have some assistance translating "If this is farewell, my heart will never be the same." I don't want "the same" translated as "identique" as most of the online auto translators insist on doing. Kind of causes the loss of the sentimentality of the statement. Thank you in advance for any help that can be offered.

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No, I wouldn't use identique in this case. (Remember, automatic translators aren't usually trained on this kind of text: they work better with political, business texts, and other things that people generally "translate en masse".)

There are a few expressions in French you can use: être comme avant = to be the same as before, or simply être le même, être pareil both essentially mean to be the same.

To say "will never be ... (again)", use ne ... plus jamais (or ne ... jamais plus, the two orders essentially interchangeable). In a very literary style, you could use ne ... plus guère, but this is quite a rare construction and you'll find few examples on the Internet, for example. So anyway, possible translations include:

Mon coeur ne sera plus jamais comme avant.
Mon coeur ne sera plus jamais pareil.
Mon coeur ne sera plus jamais le même.


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