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We have acquired a lovely French family as in-laws (our daughter's parents in-law).

When sending greetings cards to them we want to sign with a French version of the English  "Love from".  I have seen "Gros Bisous" used a good deal but am not sure if this would be appropriate in these circumstances. I do know quite a lot of French but I am not too confident of using the right words in any number of everyday situations!

Thanks, in anticipation.


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You can say  Bises. It's very casual. Gros bisous is more used between children and parents for example or between friends.

I agree that gros bisous is not appropriate. I'd use either Amitiés or Amicalement...

Thanks for your help.

I think that is helpful.  But when you say between friends, I would actually categorise our relationship as friends.

We have all met several times and partied quite seriuosly together!  So we do think of each other

as extended family. Would that count?

When I say between friends, I should have add :

 - between teenagers (and very often girls)

 - between very close old friends

If you're really really close with this familly, you can say Bises but if you're not that close then, as Stu say, Amitiés is your word

Excellent - thanks for your help


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