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I would like to add a note in a Valentine's Day card to a friend and would like to say "my pretty nurse" or "my lovely nurse" in French. Since it's a platonic relationship, I'm not sure of a proper way to say it. Two translations I've seen are: "ma jolie infirmière" and "ma nourrice agréable". Or perhaps something else? Merci beaucoup!

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Bonjour Dave,

In french ''une infirmière'' means a nurse, but ''une nourrice'' is a wet nurse or a babysitter.

You can say ''Ma jolie infirmière'' as ''my pretty nurse'' or ''Ma belle infirmière'' as ''my lovely nurse''. And, of course, 'belle' is better than 'jolie'.

''Mon agréable infirmière'' isn't correct in that context, it would mean that she is kind of ''comfortable''.

You could also say ''Ma tendre infirmière'', it's romantic, poetic and affectionate.

I hope that can help you.


not easy to find the exact phrase without knowing the exact terms of a relation but

maybe something like:

 ma tendre (et attentionée) infirmière/ mon affectueuse infirmière / mon infirmière si bien attentionnée


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