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Mesdames, messrs
S'il vous plait: How do you wish someone "Good Luck" in French?
Is there a difference between the written and spoken expression.

Much appreciated.

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If you're wishing somebody "good luck" for something that will require 'mental stamina' such as exams, a long holiday with squawking children etc, then "bon courage!" would be a common way to say it.


For something that genuinely requires some kind of "luck", e.g. a lottery draw, then you'd probably say "bonne chance!".


Several years ago a french person told me it is more usual to say : Bon courage


Ah merci beaucoup to both of you!
Neil Coffey's reply is excellent.
In a very informal setting, you'll hear young French people say "merde". As in "Merde pour ton examen demain". Again, this is informal/ slang and would be very inappropriate to use in a formal setting or around people you don't know.
Yes, I was toying with whether to mention that or not... :)
Thanks Shall be vEry careful with this one!


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