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The first version of French Audio Shtooka is now available on the Apple Store. To download it, just follow this link: French Audio Shtooka or enter the name in the store's search engine.

Here's the blurb:

French Audio Shtooka was designed for people learning French as a second language, or who want to improve their pronunciation of the French language.

This software let you listen to over 17,600 French words and expressions. It includes high quality recordings of native speakers.

These words can be listened to as-is or in context: conjugated, matched, after an article, before complements and as part of idioms.

The French Audio Shtooka database also ships with the French alphabet and a lot of examples of how to pronounce French numbers.

This software doesn’t require any internet connection.

It's not a dictionary. It really focuses on pronunciation. But it can be very helpful to listen, practice and understand subtle details like exceptions, liaisons, intonation, and how "nous appuyons" doesn't sound like "nous appuyions". It can also be a way to discover new words and new expressions.
The interface is not exactly eye-candy but it's very fast and trivial to use. And the search engine doesn't rely on exact matching, but on keywords.

This app is totally free (and ad-free) and will remain so. It doesn't require an Internet connection, sounds are built into the app.

Suggestions and bug reports are more than welcome.

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Version 1.2 is now available for download.

The user interface has been slightly revamped and in addition, you can now record and listen to your own voice in order to compare it with the reference recordings.

This make it a great tool to practice your French pronunciation.

As always, suggestions are welcome.


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