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I am basically an Urdu speaking guy. My wife has lived her early years in Geneva where I guess, they speak Swiss French although my wife is also Urdu speaker natively. Anyway I have started to learn French by my own as I don't have enough time for taking classes.

To this point after two weeks, I can read a bit of French and also can speak though very slowly but when it comes to listening, I dont get even a word of French when my wife or her siblings talk something to me in French. How can I improve my French listening? Some one said that watching French cartoons would be a nice idea. Is that right?

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I am a native Urdu speaker myself so i could understand what challenges you might be facing, and since you posted this post quite some time back i'm hoping you'd be alot betes watching french cartoons help as well as reading. But my one advise to you would be to be consistent which is the key point when it comes to learning any new languge . I take classes for french and practice at home too. Try and think over all the basic conversations you have everyday and try translating them in french and then have your wife correct them for you. That way you'll learn the basic communicating sentences and try to use them as much as you can . this will motivate you to learn further. 

Hope this helps :)

Fellow Urdu speaking girl

Bonne chance

Hi Awais.

I got some great advice when I asked a similar question last week: -

I hope this may also help you!

Good luck!!


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