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Bonjour a tous!


As well as gaining a language, it is great what other surprises learning a new culture can throw at you!


I watched the French film "I've Loved You So Long" at the weekend and was pleasantly surprised to see Kristen Scott Thomas in the lead role. She has always seemed quintessentially English to me, and I had no idea she lives in France and speaks French fluently. A bit more Googling and I found out that the actress that plays her sister was the partner of Antoine De Caunes for several years. He used to be on UK TV a lot with shows like Rapido and Eurotrash.


I found Kristen Scott Thomas's lines particularly easy to follow. Does she speak French with an obvious foreign accent? Perhaps she speaks slowly with an English accent or maybe the fact that her character was very quiet, only speaking the minimum was what made it easier to follow?


Very good film by the way - quite moving.





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She is an ecellent actress. She speaks fluently French without any foreign accent. Not only she lives in Paris but was also married to a french doctor and has the french nationality. I remember her being interviewed on French TV and she speaks I'd say at a normal pace.

Merci Yannick

Très intéressant et rassurant de savoir que vous pouvez apprendre une langue étrangère à cette haut norme.

When she speaks English, you would never know she had ever been out of the UK!

Au revoir


She has a very fluent French without grammar or vocabulary errors

and no accent, just some very light sounds in pronunciation betray her.


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