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so we have to go on and take one of the categories and all its sub categories and define them except i cant find the definition for Casher & Halal; Charcuterie apéritive; Charcuterie santé & bio; Charcuterie volaille

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Hi Katie !
Casher is an adjective apposed to meat prepared according to the Jewish traditions. Halal (or sometimes hallal) is the equivalent for Muslim traditions.
Charcuterie designs all that can be eaten from a pig : ham, bacon, sausages...
apéritive means that we talk about pork products served just before dinner begins, to stimulate appetite.
Charcuterie santé et bio deals with pork products health-oriented and coming from biological agriculture (no pesticides or any other chemical products, etc), respectively.
Charcuterie volaille is quite a non sense. It designs poultry products arranged in ham, sausages, pâtés... like it is done with pork.
thanks for the help :)
Hi Katie, a bidirectional English-French dictionary may make it easy for you to find the definition for words.
With Carrefour it depends where you are, I visited Morocco and you can find "charcuterie" with no pig at all, they make it with chicken but they call it "charcuterie", however the real charcuterie is made with pig


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