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"Le cannabis est le produit illicite le plus utilisé. L'héroïne n'est plus diabolisée."


I can guess it possibly means: "Heroin isn't any less diabolical."

But can anyone provide the route to the source of 'diabolisée' ?


It's from today's  05/02/2010 - La lettre d'info du Figaro

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Hi Pete,

It's a neologism that literally means "diabolized", i.e. "depicted as a diabolic thingy".
I would translate that as "demonized" -- but I must say, the sentiment that 'heroin is no longer demonized' is tendentious to put it mildly.
Yes, it is an odd sentiment isn't it? De Quincey-esque, even. It asks whether we are going back to a Victorian age when England fought China in two wars for the heroin trade via Hong Kong, or whether we are trying to stop Afghanistan running its exchequer based on the poppy-seed? Are we for or against heroin? And all of this because I cound't find Frank's neologism!
Thnks Frank!


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