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Sandra replied to alan gould's discussion "porter" or "se mettre" clothes?
""porter" is "wearing" clothes "se mettre" is more "to put on" some clothes the action of dressing is very rarely translated in french with "se mette" only in the special case: "se mettre…"
Sep 19
Sandra replied to alan gould's discussion "fond" meaning a small quantity
"Yep ! le fond = the bottom "un fond de [+ liquid]" implies that you have just enough left to covert the bottom of the more adequate recipient . For wine, we suppose it's a glass or a bottle.... We also use : "il ne lui restait…"
Sep 19
Sandra replied to Crack1's discussion When you start your car
"Hi ! Yes we do ! I think the word you are looking for is "patiner" ( = skating) We indeed have a majority of manual gear in France. When you want to move a still car (engine working) you have to push the clutch pedal at maximum, then…"
Jun 5
Sandra replied to Crack1's discussion Take pains
"You are right ! I made a "participe passé" mistake :  » Les cas d'accord 1. Le  participe passé s'accorde avec le sujet du verbe, lorsque le sujet fait l'action sur lui…"
Feb 2
Sandra replied to Crack1's discussion Take pains
"Hi! To keep the idea of "pain" I would suggest "se donner du mal" = put a lot of effort on doing something properly and carefully. Je me suis donné(e) (beaucoup) de/du mal pour lui organiser un voyage The slang form you…"
Feb 1
Sandra replied to Yeli's discussion on en vient
"I'll give you a translation (a bit exaggerated) to help you understand because he is interlocking references ... J'suis pas bête, les profs aussi l'disent mais j'aime trop regarder les mouches…"
May 20, 2016
Sandra replied to Yeli's discussion on en vient
"I think it's related to causality : "J'en perds mon latin" = I'm confused/disturbed  "Je perds mon latin" doesn't implie any exterior element, it' just me and my confusion, but "J'en perds…"
May 20, 2016
Sandra replied to Dwayne Roberts's discussion Bare-naked nouns
"Hi ! I saw the conversation yesterday and took some time to think about it. Even if I'm a native speaker I have no knowledge of any rule to explain this.... I thought about it and came up with (maybe) the beginning of an explanation. There is…"
Apr 12, 2016
Sandra replied to Yeli's discussion n’en est pas un moins
"Yes, "Com" is the spoken contraction of "communication" C'est de la com = it's communication / advertisement. When he says he is embarrassed to be compared to Jaques Brel, it's communication. (implied meaning =…"
Apr 7, 2016
Sandra replied to Yeli's discussion n’en est pas un moins
"I confirm ! This "un" before "moins" is a mistake, it makes no sens in french ^^"
Apr 5, 2016
Sandra replied to James Devereux's discussion Je neuve ame morale
"Nope ... Literally means : "I" "new" "soul" "moral"  ...."
Apr 5, 2016
Sandra replied to alan gould's discussion en train
"Your are right George, "en train" is never used without "de" or it would literally mean "in a train". Subject + "en train de" + Verb + complement  is somewhat equivalent to the "-ing" form in…"
Mar 11, 2016
Sandra replied to Robert's discussion Arrête ou ...
"Thanks ! And no I haven't seen the film ^^° A lot of French "comédies romantiques" have the same kind of "joke" titles... "L'arnacoeur" -> Arnaque + coeur ...... I guess a guy is gonna cheat on…"
Feb 24, 2016
Sandra replied to Robert's discussion Arrête ou ...
"I don't really understand the question.. But I don't understand the French phrase either ^^° I think it's done on purpose but that sentence doesn't mean anything.... Usually "Arrête ou..." is half of a…"
Feb 23, 2016
Sandra replied to Billy Bosworth's discussion to stand
"Hi, You are right, "to stand" doesn't have a match in French. To find the best translation you will have to know well all the forms related to position in space that exist in French ^^ For example : "It's the bloke in the…"
Feb 17, 2016
Sandra replied to Jean Dervin's discussion Use of "tu"
"Sorry for the delay, mieux vaut tard que jamais ! In case of sexual/intimate relationship between two people with a significant/visible age difference the use of "tu" or "vous" outside their private life depend on how they want…"
Feb 12, 2016

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