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Je suis apprendre le francais.

I came across the word 'également' which I understand means " Also, too".
Now formerly I have used 'aussi' for it means "Too, also, as well".

My problem is when to use each one.

Here are some examples I would greatly appreciate translations for:

"Matthew also has a car."

"Are you going to the movie too?"

"She too was born on November 1st."

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In addition to the formality issue mentioned by Megumi, there is also a subtle difference when these words occur at the beginning of a sentence.

At the beginning of a sentence, Aussi is usually interpreted as meaning "therefore" (rather than "as well"), whereas également would keep its meaning of "in addition, moreover".

Another difference that springs to mind is that également tends not to be used so much to modify pronouns. So people would tend to say e.g. Il vont eux aussi essayer de nous aider, but wouldn't tend to say Ils vont, eux également.... The latter isn't absolutely impossible, but phrases like eux aussi are hugely more common.

Nice explanation!


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