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I think this is an easy one.

We have un verre de vin and un verre à vin, which are a glass of wine and a wine glass, respectively.

So, is it un verre d'eau and un verre en eau for water?

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I think it would be "un verre a eau".

Thank you, George. I was thinking the "à eau" was a little non-euphonic for the language, as "Où va il" would be.

I had the same thought but was quite confident as it sounded right.

Doing a search seems to show the expression is  in good use

for example

my thought is that there's a wine glass cuz it's part of the culture and the glass is specifically designed to facilitate the best experience of drinking wine.  i would doubt there's a term for a glass expressly for water.  just guessing.    

People can lead very ordered lives.They would definitely have a glass for water (especially  when laying the table)


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