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1) are both implementer and mettre en oeuvre used to mean implement?

2) etre perdu, s'etre perdu, egarre'

i have the example "nous nous sommes e'gare's" meaning "we're lost."  "se perdre" is "to get lost."  but when i looked at how to say "i'm lost" i saw one example that used "je me suis perdu" while all the others just said "je suis perdu."  when u can't determine where u are in a city, do u say "je suis perdu" or "je me suis perdu"?  

3) consignes v. mode d’emploi

i know "mode d'emploi."  is there a difference between "consignes" and "instructions"?  is one used more than the other if they're the same?  Tx

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these ones where done,

i remember answering to consignes/mode d'emploi.

ok.  maybe i didn't write them out.  i'll look on the site and find them.  Tx


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