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Can anyone help with this translation:

True Love Does Not Exists 

to french

Thank you

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How about

Il n'est pas de vrai amour.
L'amour vrai n'existe pas.
Il n'y a pas de vrai amour.
Il n'existe pas de vrai amour ?

L'amour véritable n'existe pas.

ou bien

Il n'y a pas d'amour véritable.

You can also use "amour vrai" instead in these cases.


Actually "Amour vrai" sounds pretty weird even if we understand.

In this case, "true" means "sincere" or "unfeigned".

True love = Amour sincère

Nobody would be naive enough in France to think that such a thing (amour vrai) could exist, so the best translation is :

l'amour ne dure que 3 ans...


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