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The French Quiz: don't forget your French this summer!

Yes I know, you lazy lot: you're surely far too busy thinking about your impending caravanning holiday in Birkenhead and your French grammar and vocab books are now lurking at the back of the sock drawer.

Well fear not: to help your French knowledge slipping into oblivion this summer, I'll be running a series of French Quiz questions on the main French Linguistics site.

Here is the first quiz question. (Others will be posted to the same place.)

Anyone is welcome to have a go at answering the questions. They're all anonymous and all for a bit of mind-stretching fun. Some will be harder than others. And some will have an unexpected twist.

Both native and non-native speakers are welcome: indeed I'm hoping if we get enough of each then it will interested to make a comparison.

So what are you waiting for? Have a go at answering the quiz question!

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