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I used to speak a very very little French when I was at university 10 years ago.  Haven't been keeping up with it since. 


Recently I was asked by my father to think of a name for one of his company.  He fancies 'Sun River' in French.  I felt bad that I could not help him.  I was thinking would it be: 'La Rivere du Soleil'?  But I know there are two words for 'river' in French.  I am lost.


Please help.

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Be careful you forget to put a "i" between the "v" and the "è"

La Rivière du Soleil


The french translation for river is "rivière" when it's a small river and "fleuve" when it's a big one like the Tamise

But your translation is ok



The difference between fleuve and rivière is the following :


Un fleuve se jette dans la mer ou l'océan.

Une rivière se jette dans un autre cours d'eau.


You could maybe say "Rivière Solaire", though I'm not sure it means very much (not sure what "Sun River" actually means in English mind...).


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