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Hi all,

Please advise whether following translation is correct?

English to French
Tests on Sous Vide Cuisine
Tests sur la cuisson sous vide

Sous Vide Cuisine with simple tools
sous vide Cuisson avec des outils simples

Are they the French way of speaking? Thanks

Remark:  sous vide = cooking under vacuum


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First, cuisine is already a French word and means the same thing in English, with the added translation of "kitchen".  I don't think "caisson" exists.  I also think, as an adjective, sous vide should be after cuisine: la cuisine italienne, la cuisine irlandaise, la cuisine sous vide.

Second, I would use instruments (spelled the same as in English) for "tools" instead of outils.  Just a personal choice.

Third, merci is sufficient for "thanks"  It's informal already where je vous remercie ("I thank you") is more formal.


I also feel a better choice for "tests" is out there.  In what context are these tests?  Are you being tested, in which case examens might be better?  Are you experimenting with Cuisine sous Vide, in which case essai might be better?  Perhaps others can weigh in on this last part.

"Caisson" apparently means a little box (like "caisse" ) but I think you must have misread that Charles -I can just see "cuisson".

I have a feeling that "tests" should be alright but I think "an experiment" can also  be "une exerience" -which  sounds to me like an example of the "faux amis" which are listed in an ongoing thread  elsewhere on this site


I think you are right about the order of  "tests sous vide" rather than "sous vide tests" and I  think it is because "sous vide" is what I would describe as  a compound adjective  which I feel needs to follow the noun it is attached to. (It sounds wrong  to me if it precedes it.)

I typed incorrectly, George.  I meant "cuissons" but wrote "caissons", which I must admit I didn't know meant "little box" until you pointed it out.  So, I learned a new word.  Merci bien.


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