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i saw this in the dictionary and want to review how to use it: 
to say to oneself, to think  
Quand je l'ai vu, je me suis dit qu'il avait vieilli.      When I saw him, I thought he'd aged.  
se dire malade      to say one is ill, to say that one is ill  
no example for this, but i imagine "il s'est dit malade
se dire artiste      to claim to be an artist  
no example, but i imagine "il s'est dit artiste"
se dire au revoir      to say goodbye, to say goodbye to each other  
no example, but i imagine "ils se sont dit au revoir"
comment ça se dit en anglais?      how do you say that in English? 
i would have said "comment le dit-on en anglais?" but using se dire seems easier/better.  
 ça se dit 'ethnic' en anglais      that's "ethnic" in English, you say "ethnic" in English
i would have said "ca veut dire "etrhnic" en anglais

ça ne se dit pas comme ça      you don't say it like that  
est-ce que ça se dit?      can you say that?  

i would have said "on ne le dit pas comme ca" and "on peut le dire?" would this b wrong or awkward?  

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No  that last one is not wrong.

I like to use ça se dit instead of using "le" but sometimes  you can use "le"  and it may fit better what you are trying to say.


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