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I don't know if this is the proper place to post this, but since I didn't find an "introduce yourself" forum, I guess this is right.


Anyways, I took French in middle school and high school, but haven't taken a class in about 4 years.  I remember bits and pieces, and I think it'd be fun to brush up my skills and all, so here I am!


Sault! Je m'appelle Anna et je parle Francais (ou est les accents? je ne sais pas!) un peu, mais je veux apprendre plus! C'est bon etre ici! (est-ce qu cela corrige?)

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For the benefit of other learners, I'd just like to expand on this point. It extends generally to translating sentences like this:


He's a good singer.

She's a good writer.

You're a good speaker.

They're good swimmers.


When translating sentences like this into French, as a rule of thumb, it's often better to turn things round so that you're using a verb and the word bien. For example:


Il chante bien.

Elle écrit bien.

Tu parles bien.

Ils savent bien nager.


(Theoretically, the last sentence could also be interpreted as "They can indeed swim".)

Why don't you simply say "ils nagent bien" ?
Just that I had a feeling "Ils savent bien nager" might be a bit more common. But no other reason-- otherwise, Ils nagent bien has the merit of being simpler :-)

Tu ne serais pas une mouette moqueuse? ;)

Are you a sarcastic seagull?

Ahh! A lot of this French is a bit beyond me... it took me a little while to understand some of it. 


Merci pour les correctiones et l'aide, et je (will try) mon meilleur!  Je commence une classe de francais la semaine prochaine.  



Et erwan-- ton comprehension du le lange englais est tres bien! ton phrase "You've got nonetheless a pretty good french. Bravo! I hope, one day, speak English as good as you speak French :)" C'est bien, mais on a dit: "You've got pretty good French." (tres casual) ou "You speak French well" (un peu plus formel), et

"Bravo! I hope, one day, to speak English as well as you speak French :)"


merci, j'apprecie les commentaires!



It's my turn to correct you :-)  (would it be better to say : It's up to me to correct you)


Merci pour les correctiones et l'aide, et je (will try) mon meilleur! 


Merci pour les corrections et l'aide et je vais essayer de faire de mon mieux!


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