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Do we ever use the conditional mode when saying "please"?  If it would please you, rather than if it pleases you? 

I'm confident we use it in other than "please" (as in requesting compliance) phrases, such as

Tu peux y aller s'il te plairait.

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Hi Dwayne

You can  use the conditional of plaire but I think it might  be quite uncommon since  "s'il te plaît" is such a common set expression.

I think I may have come across "si ça te plairait"

Again ,perhaps the "il" in "si'l te plairait" might refer to an actual (male) person rather than an "it" -and might  work better then.

Merci bien.

No. We don't use conditional mode when saying "please". Never.

"Plairait" is used, but not with the meaning "please".

Il te plairait = You'd really like it.

Je vous remercie, Chantal.


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