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you wrote: 

“La nourriture” and “l'alimentation” match to, indeed, “the food”.

“provision” is a term most general and can be used according to several manners.

An accuracy : We also can write…


u could say they "correspond to food" but "match" would b w/o "to".  i'd say they're "equivalent" to food.  using "match" i'd say would mark someone as a non-anglo, but it's not really wrong.  i have containers for food in my kitchen.  i was frustrated noticing sometimes the lid fits and other times it doesn't.  i realized the containers i buy from one store have markings on the top.  i keep them separately.  so i can say to someone "be careful keeping these containers separate.  u have to look for this marking on the top.  if it doesn't have it, this type of lid won't match."  

"provision" is a more general term and can b used in the following ways

"accuracy" is the state of trying to b accurate -- "i don't want a typist to b slow, but fast isn't an asset if she/he isn't accurate."  i would have just said "worth noting or an important note..."   

"provision" is used in english as in french.  

we discussed the verb to use for payment.  i know "regler" is used in a resto.  my paris friend said "payer" is also fine for restos, shops which is enough for me to know.   

my friend told me revendiquer is nicer as “demand” than “reclamer.”  The dictionary says it’s also to complain.  i know "se plaindre."  will i hear the following: 

Elles sont toujours en train de réclamer. 

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