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Need help translating a 3-word slogan to proper French



I need the slogan "broadcast the <a place>" in proper-sounding French, as in, "(let's) broadcast (a message) to the <a place>"


(See below)


Thanks in advance!

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I think that "diffusé à l'univers" means "broadcast to the universe". So a translation of your slogan could be "Diffuse l'univers" (but I don't really understand the meaning of that).

The first letter of univers is voyel then you could not have an article ending with a voyel too. You must have "l' " instead of le or la.

By the way univers is masculine. The l' means here le.

Erwan -- I-m assuming they mean the imperative "Diffusez...".

It sounds better, Neil. But I still don't really understand the "artistic" message of this slogan. It's not the point of this forum but it bothers me.

You're right. I guess I included some pointless detail!


There's no special meaning there. It's just a short, slogan-y rendition of a sentence that would read "(let's) broadcast (a message) to the universe". I guess I should have clarified.


So, any other suggestions? I'm still not very confident about this translation. I'm multilingual (just not in French, haha), so I know how silly poorly-translated phrases can sound.

"Let's broadcast a message to the universe"

 The litteral translation is : "Diffusons un message à l'univers" but it doesn't sound good because in french you can't say "Diffuser quelque chose à quelqu'un".

You can say "Diffuser quelque chose quelque part" : "Diffusons un message dans l'univers", but in that case "répandre" works well too : "Répandons un/notre message dans l'univers".

Or, if you want 'universe' to remain as the adressee you have to use "adresser à" or "transmettre à" : "Adressons un message à l'univers/au monde" or "Transmettons un message à l'univers". You can remove "un message" with "s'adresser à" : "Adressons-nous à l'univers".

Thank you for posting such a detailed reply! I found it very helpful.

I ended up reading up a little more on French as a result, and between your post and what I've learned, I think that I have it now. Again, thanks!

Maybe even simpler but catchier, like "Envoyer partout" or "Adresser tout".
Warning: I'm an English-speaking franco-novice. 


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