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1.  En remontant le temps -  does this mean going back in time?

2.  Leur pays est magnifique mais rude -   what does 'rude' here means?

3.  Tu seras surpris  - you will be surprise?

      Tu seras être surpris -  is this correct and mean the same as above?

4:  Pour les Greces tout étranger même toi, est considéré comme un barbare:

      ' même toi' here means like you?

Much obliged for any help.

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You have it right for the 1 and the 3.
"Tu seras être surpris" is not grammatically correct, and does not make sense. I don't in which context you saw that, but be careful not to be confused with "tu sauras être surpris" where "sauras" is the future of "savoir".

For the second sentence, "rude" means that the climatic conditions, and the natural resources are very difficult to live with. You can speak of "un climat rude" to discribe a region with a lot of wind, rain, cold, etc.

For the fourth sentence, "même toi" means "even you"

Little spelling mistake: It's les Grecs.
Hi Touré,  you are right, it's  Grecs.   I am careless.  Thanks for pointing out the mistake. Are you Greek?
Pas du tout, je ne suis pas Grec :)

Alors pourquoi tu es ne pas Grec?  Tu n'aimes pas être un Grec?  Tu es du  pays maghreb n'est pas?

Non? Encore Non?

    How to say in french 'we love our country, we don't like to be mistaken for other nationality'


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