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Just found this sit. It looks fantastic. Where should I start?

I am planning to live in France in about three years and need to be able to talk the language. I love the country and know my very basic French will improve once there. Any  ideas on how best to practice?

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Do you have Windows (7) ?

I think you can use this link to get instructions on loading the French keyboard layout.

Have you seen the thread about Skype conversations on this forum?

Thank you George. In the meanwhile I found another website with a french keyboard. I started using that to type and copy paste. 

Thats OK.Perhaps you wouldn't mind letting me know what site it is. I think you may have found a better (=quicker)  method than the one I use at the moment!

I googled this one -   . The keyboard layout link that you provided might change the language on the pc isn't it? 

thanks .That is probably good for me.

I don't think the link I provided changes the language of the computer (although it is a long time since I did it  and so I cannot remember very well).

However Neil has  just posted something on the subject which should be helpful to you ,I am sure. 


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