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Where might I find a list of everything in table form relating to 'I'. 'Je'

Example.  I go, I will, I went, I am, etc.  Without having to be overloaded with Tu, Il, Elle, Nous, Ils, Elles etc. for every tense and verb.

I would like to learn french as it relates to me first, then move on to 'Tu' and so on.

I find that I am totally overloaded with information, to the extent that I can't progress.


Any thoughts?  Does such a table exist, or am I the only one who thinks such a thing to be of use?


Ian Jones.

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I must admit I've not had this suggestion before, but it sounds quite easy to do in principle and something I would consider adding to the site.

In the meantime, something similar though not identical to what you're looking for is the list of common verb forms, which gives a list of forms commonly found in text, but they tend to be third person ones.


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