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Do I need an infinitive after the conditional - eg je voudrais avoir une salade, or can I go straight for the jugular - je voudrais une salade?

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straight for the jugular I think

You can say Je voudrais une salade, Je voudrais prendre une salade, Je voudrais avoir une salade (I don't think this one is really good French. You can probably hear it but not read it).

So, you are not obliged to use a verb after the conditional but if you use it, in the present conditional , there is an infinitive.

When you write a verb in its first past conditionnal form, you use the present conditional form of an auxiliary and then the past participle of the main verb.

e.g. : Il serait venu te voir.

Thanks very much Erwan and Geordie, most helpful

amities, Cecily


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