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in english, inferior means less capable.  something's of inferior quality, someone has an inferiority complex

in french it seems to also refer to a lower quality.  but it also means "lower" physically.  the dictionary says "les membres inferieurs" for the lower limbs, the lower level of a building.  the dictionary also says "inferieur a" is used w numbers and quantity where english would use "less than or smaller than."    

dictionary below: 

inférieur - [position, rang]   lower  

les membres inférieurs - the lower limbs  

[qualité]   inferior

C'est moins cher, mais de qualité inférieure.      

(comparaison) inférieur à [+somme]   less than  
  [+quantité]   less than, smaller than

le niveau inférieur du bâtiment - lower level of bldg

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"inférieur" is used in these 3 meanings.


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