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On the Rue Galande in Paris in the 5th arrondissment there is a shoppe that deals in small artist items, and the name of this establishment is Le Chat Huant. The best translation I came up with is the "cat who hoots" presumably like an owl. Am I even close? And for two extra points, there is a metal sculpture above the shop, that I have always called a tic. It is playing some type of instrument. I know this sounds...well..odd, but is speaks to me in some whimsical way. Anyone know anything more about it?

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huer is indeed the verb meaning "to hoot", as in owls.

And in this case, chat-huant is actually the French name for a common type of owl (tawny owl).

If you look at the lettering on the shop sign, doesn't it have little pictures of owls next to it?

P.S. I see that this term is missing from the dictionary -- I'm adding it for the next update (probably tomorrow actually if all goes to schedule).
Well the verb 'huer' means to shout or to hoot so in terms of a cat I would say 'the howling cat' would be a more apropriate translation.
It really is the name of a species of owl, though!!!

(N.B. The word huer essentially means to "hoot" as in an owl-- it would be an odd way to describe any sound that a cat makes...!)
Hello, I want to thank all for your help. There are indeed several stylized owls on there sign. I am guessing that in France the owl is thought of as cerebral or thoughtful? I do have a new question. I have started to read Le Petit Nicholas. It is a bit advanced for me, but nothing ventured nothing gained. The sentence I need a little help with is, "Agnan, qui est le premier de la classe et le chouchou de la maitresse, a dit que ce serait dommage de ne pas avoir arithmetique, parce qu'il aimait ca et qu'il avait bien fait tous ses problemes." I have loosely translated -- Agnan, who is the first in his class and the teacher's pet, said it would be a shame not to have arithmetic because he loved it, and he had done all the problems -- it is the last phrase with which I am having the most difficulty. Again, beaucoup thanks!


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