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Ca va, pourquoi as tu faim,je vois que tu parlez francais,comment voulez tu trouver!

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Ca va : It's ok/I'm fine   but   Ca va? : How (are) you doing?

Pourquoi as-tu faim? : Why are you hungry?

Je vois que tu parles/vous parlez français : I see you speak French

Comment voulez-vous/veux-tu trouver! How can you find it!

There's a conjugation or spelling mistake in "comment voulez tu trouver!",  which makes it a bit hard to answer you accurately.

But I'll say "Comment voulais-tu trouver/comment veux-tu trouver" is "How did you expect to find/ how do you expect to find"


"Comment pouvais-tu trouver/ Comment peux-tu trouver?" is " how did you use to find/ How can you find?"


I think Erwan nailed it on the rest.

Hope this helps



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