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[HELP] specific french word used when describing an artwork



I am required to analyse a piece of art for class and I need some help with some terminology.

I am required to analyse a piece in which the sizes of objects and the subjects within the piece are played with. For example, there are people of significantly different sizes within the same plane- is there a specific word for this? An equivalent of "playing with the perception of the viewer" would it be
"jouer avec la perspective du regard du spectateur" would that work?


thanks in advance

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Maybe "jouer sur  l'idée de perspective du regardeur".

Would that do? Does it seem to say what you want?

yes, that's perfect! thanks

we don't say "regardeur", it exists but it's not used or heard. (I never heard this word before but I looked for in a dictionary and it exists)

"observateur" is better for someone who pays attention to something.

"spectateur" for someone looking a show

"visiteur" for someone who is in a museum

"jouer sur l'idée de perspective de l'observateur"

I was also wondering: does this make sense?


Evidemment, le visage de chaque homme est caché de sorte que les touches de pinceau sont dégradées
en donnant l’impression que les visages se mélangent.

Not sure why you use "évidemment". To my mind that says "obviously" .Do you want to say "as you can see" ?


"de sorte que" means "so that" : did you want to say " in that"  or "in as much as"  ("en ce que" I think) or "because" ?


Is this  an old painting that   has lost its detail with age or is it a new one painted that way deliberately?

my bad, what I wanted to say was "in such a way"

I think "de sorte que" could work for "in such a way"

So this is my attempt.


le visage de chaque homme semble caché par  les touches de pinceau qui se dégradent et  donnent l’impression que les visages se mêlent.


le visage de chaque homme semble caché par  les touches de pinceau qui se dégradent de sorte que les visages  semblent se mêler.

thank you so much George, that is exactly what I wanted!

one more thing:

how would you translate "synthetic polymer paint" in French? In know that "on canvas" is sur toile

A bit beyond my competence.

Would "peinture acrylique" do ? (Acrilic seems to be  a kind of polymer. )

I suppose "peinture à base de polymères synthétiques" would be correct even if it is a bit long winded.

hmm I think that will do! thank you so much


on ne dira pas "jouer avec la perspective du regard du spectateur"

on dira  "jouer avec la perspective" ou "jouer avec le regard du spectateur" ou "jouer avec l'œil du spectateur"


Je dirais :

" Comme on peut voir,  chaque visage / le visage de chaque homme/ est camouflé (dissimulé)( not easy to see, "caché" si more to explain that you can't see it) par les touches de peinture ..   'les touches de pinceau sont dégradées"  ( je ne comprends pas bien "degradées" employé dans cette phrase..)

je dirais simplement :
Comme on peut voir, les visages sont camouflés par les traits du pinceau / les touches de peintures/  qui font croire que ceux ci (les visages) s'entremêlent..

Mais peut être que je change un peu ce que vous voulez dire..



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