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Greeting card and personal note translation wanted

What I would like translated:

Greeting printed on card:

Meilleurs voeux et souhaits sinceres 
Followed by a further note, which I probably have not spelled totally correctly since some of the letters I couldn't decipher (and there are some accents I don't know how to put in):
je fais toujous de fouilles merovingiennes (?) a luours (?) j'ai trouve(?) de tres belles choses cet ete.
This card is to my Mother, from 1962, from a French friend she had in the 1930's.  A few bits I can guess at, or get from the French-English dictionary, such as the pre-printed best wishes and (something like) sincere blessings, and the bit at the end about very much wanting to do (whatever it is) this summer. 
Any help would be appreciated.

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Some help about this card :


You correctly get the first sentence : "best wishes and sincere blessings". Although, I'm not sure about the translation of "souhaits" which means basically the same thing than "voeux".


"Je fais toujours des fouilles mérovingiennes" : I am still doing merovingian excavations. The merovingians were a dynasty that the french territory (way before it was called France I guess) between the 6th and the 8th century. I assume your mother's friend works in archeology, and was digging up some merovingians artifacts.


I suppose Luours might refer to a town or a region. But I can't find it.


"J'ai trouvé de très belles choses cet été" : I've found very beautiful things this summer.


I can look at the picture of the card right now, so there might be some information I am missing.

The picture on the card is a cathedral, I assume the one in Abbeville where Mother and her friend lived.  Not useful for Merovingian info!  But here it is if you want to see it.  Perhaps you could verify which cathedral it is.


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