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(Free LITE version of) French Vocab Games app for iPhone/iPad

Those in their first few years of learning French may like to know that the French Vocab Games app that I have been developing for iPhone has finally gone on sale in the App store.


The app is designed for beginners to UK GCSE level (so first few years of a school course for US learners). It features basic vocab from around 20 topics and allows you to place various games designed for learners of different levels (for example, as you'll see from the screenshots, the vocab pairs game is fairly straightforward, whereas the "Wordmeister" game is designed for students wanting to hone their knowledge of patterns of French letter groupings at a slightly more advanced level, with other game in between).


The app also features a "flash card" facility to help you learn the vocab in the first place.


Another hopefully useful features is that as you play through the games, the program keeps track of how highly you are scoring on each of the topics you have chosen to play with. Thus, when picking vocab for the games, the app will weight the choice towards topics that you appear to be less familiar with and need to work on more.


The French Vocab Games app (yes, that's the title -- sorry for lack of originality!) is available in all app stores, and you can find more information here:


I intend to release regular updates, so am always looking out for suggestions for new features/improvements (the app includes a "feedback" button, and I will keep an eye out for reviews on the app store).

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A new code to download the app for free for US App Store users:



Just a quick note that an update to the free LITE version of the French Vocab Games app is now available in the App Store. More details here:

The LITE version gives you a sampler of the full app, with 5 of the 20 vocab topics and 3 of the 9 activities.

News, promo codes are regularly posted to the app's Facebook page. You may wish to consider liking this page to keep updated:


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