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Hello there,

I listen to 'Le telephone sonne' podcasts from the radio station France Inter to help me improve my listening skills. The trouble is they contain a lot of content about politics and the economy etc., which I find hard to understand with my level of French. 

Could anyone recommend some chatty French podcasts to me, which wouldn't be as complicated as the France Inter ones? 

Many thanks! 

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If you search "podcast fle" on google you'll probably find easier things than podcasts from france Inter.

FLE means : Français Langue Etrangère

On the website of RFI you can find some podcasts too with exercices.

I hope it'll help you.


Try www.learnfrenchbypodcast. com - there are three levels, beg, int & adv and you can download the podcasts on a range of every day topics. You can also buy the transcript to the lesson, very cheaply, which explains the grammar used throughout the recording. 


Hi Willy,

I've been thinking about this lately :) It seems to me that once one is not a beginner anymore, it gets much harder to find interesting resources to learn French.

So I've been putting together a site with the idea of enabling users to learn French while learning about interesting topics, such as biology, linguistics, history or physics. There's audio content (slow delivery) and transcripts to help understanding the content.

The site is called I barely just started and I was wondering it can prove useful. I have a few friends who want to help by creating classes on different topics but if this is not the right angle, I don't want to waste their time.

What do you think? Would that kind of content help you, for instance?


Thank you for your replies everyone!

That site looks great Benoit, I love the way the words go bold when they are spoken. That will be a great help for my listening skills.  


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