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I am looking for the correct translation of "French in our community" in reference to students going out into the community to find French influence (road signs, business names, etc).

Français dans notre communauté   ??

Any help would be great! Merci en avance!

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I think that that idea is too complex to be expressed in a simplistic way that can make sense - in English or French.

Nous recherchons des signes de l'influence de la culture française dans notre communauté.
Il y a une note parisienne dans les rues étroites.

"L'influence française dans notre communauté" ?

"Les Français dans notre communauté" ?

I'm looking for a title for the page and then will explain the idea (finding road signs, businesses, etc) further after that. I think I'll stick with "L'influence française dans notre communauté"


I think you might also be able to use "l'apport"  which  can be translated as "contribution"  or "participation" and sounds friendlier to my ears.

Although perhaps not quite what you had in mind.

I feel that you want to make a distinction between the influence of the French language in your community and not necessarily the French people or persons who might reside in your community.  Therefore, I offer:

"la presence de la langue française dans notre communauté'


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