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Is this sentence correct? Is it how the statement would normally be made?

Elle a fait la fine bouche devant les repas ordinaires.

She was picky/choosy of ordinary meals. She looked down her nose at ordinary meals.

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Here is something I prepared earlier ;-)

Seems like a correct usage.

I don't know how to translate this expression.

But this sentence is correct and means that a woman doesn't want to eat meals if these meals are common.

The expression is "faire la fine bouche".

you may add "devant" or "face à" to tell about which is disgusting for the person.

Chantal ,would you say that food snobbery is common amongst the French?

I had a couple of French people staying once who made a meal for us. We almost had an argument when I put salt on my food as apparently that was "to insult the chef"

Incidentally she told us that she had cooked for Madonna when she was in Paris (well  I think she said Paris,I suppose it might have been anywhere)

This couple is excessive. There are some french people who are like this. It's probably more common than in another country but it's not really common.

But it's true that food and cooking are a very important part of french life and french people are patriotic about cooking. It's common to hear in France that French cooking is the best in the word and some people are sure that they are great cooks.  "Snobbery" about cooking is excessive but we are proud about french gastronomy.

About salt, another version is possible. I don't know if it's the same thing in other countries but in France we hear very often that exceed of salt is bad, very bad for health. The sentence is "ne mangez pas trop gras, trop salé, trop sucré". It's common to have a comment adding salt in a meal (I put enough salt, don't add salt). We are very encouraged to well eat.


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